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We are committed to providing individualised treatment and rehabilitation programs of the highest level, so that we can get you back in action and performing at your optimum level as soon as possible.

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Manjimup Physiotherapy places a strong emphasis on the continuity of treatment from the initial injury to full recovery.

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Sports physiotherapy specialises in the treatment, rehabilitation and further prevention of injuries and complaints sustained during sporting activities. Sports injuries differ from every day injuries due to the greater stress put on muscles, joints and bones through participation in sports. physiotherapists will assess and treat the cause of your injury allowing you to build the strength, mobility, balance and co-ordination required to return to your sport pain free and to help prevent further injury.

Dry Needling can be used to treat pain caused by injuries by inserting an acupuncture needle into trigger points which encourages tight muscles to relax. It can be useful in the treatment of both chronic and acute injuries. All of our physiotherapists are trained in dry needling and we offer this in conjunction with our regular physiotherapy service

Work place injuries are very common and can sometimes be debilitating. Our physiotherapists are all very experienced in treating work-related injuries and are all registered to treat under the workers compensation system meaning you are not out of pocket for treatment that you receive. You will be provided with a rehabilitation program in order to help you recover from your injury and return to your full work capabilities as soon as possible.

Exercise therapy is a vital element of injury rehabilitation and helping prevent the re-occurrence of an injury. Your physiotherapist will prescribe you an individually tailored progressive exercise program which will encourage increased strength, mobility and function to help you return to your full capabilities.

Massage therapy can work alongside physiotherapy to promote healing and rehabilitation. It focuses on the manipulation of soft body tissues in order to relieve muscle pain, headaches and migraines, to improve posture, flexibility and blood circulation, and to aid in the healing of soft tissue injuries.

Following an orthopaedic surgery it is most likely that you will require physiotherapy to avoid certain complications, such as DVT, but also to re-introduce strength and range of motion movements. You will be prescribed a progressive exercise program in order to build up flexibility, strength and function. Our physiotherapists will tailor a programme specific to your surgery in order to aid you through the rehabilitation process to get you back to your everyday activities as soon as possible.

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