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Our administrative and physiotherapy team is second to none. 


During your treatment session your physiotherapist will provide a hands on approach using a combination of techniques such as
• Muscle massage
• Stretching and trigger point release
• Joint mobilisation and/or manipulation
• Taping techniques
• Neural mobilisation techniques
• Dry needling

Our Approach

We pride ourselves on accurate and prompt diagnosis.
Our physios will identify factors in your everyday life and posture that may contribute to your injury.
These factors are addressed with research-based treatments and practical strategies for management in everyday life.
Your time is spent one-on-one with your physiotherapist, in an environment which is friendly, relaxed and individually-focused.

Our Goals are

that we are committed to providing excellence in injury, pain management and rehabilitation.

to restore your movement, strength and well being to get long lasting results

to educate you on your condition and suggest ways to modify your current behavior in order to minimise recurrence of the injury..

Qualified Physiotherapists
Patients Satisfaction

Our Certified Physiotherapist

Michael Christofis

With more than 20 years experience, Michael became an Institution for Physiotherapie in and around Manjimup

“I have a particular interest in the biomechanical analysis of physiotherapy and this is due to my civil engineering (graduated 1982) background. The emphasis is determining what/how the injury occurred so that a total and holistic approach to resolution of the injury occurs.” 

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Asked Questions​

No, you can book an appointment, without any referral or advice from your doctor. If you are in pain, just call and book an appointment.